Thursday, January 26, 2006

I suck!

Hey everyone! I know that I suck right now! I haven't been adding to my blog in a while. Work has been busy. I"m doing a weekend contract and everyday round 4pm I'm tired as hell!!! But I'm never too busy to fight the battle against the Pittsburgh Steelers. F-them!! I just wanted to add some pictures of an ongoing battle with my co-worker Anne who is from Shittsburgh and a big Squeelers fan! I made a special cake for her! Too bad they are in the Super Bowl. The only thing I will say is that I"m happy for Bettis. He is retiring and is a good player and deserves this. But other than that I don't feel much for them.
It was Brian's birthday on the 10th. He is 29. Big year ahead of him. What else can I tell you? I met Braylon Edwards who plays for the Browns at Dave and Busters. Got a quick pic with him.
My bud Michelle came up from NC. Her grandma is sick and has lung cancer. She wanted to come up and spend some time with her. A girl I was best friends with in elementery school/middle school found me on and got a hold of me. THat was so cool! I was real happy to hear from Susie! I hope to get to see her soon! SHe moved to CT in after 6th grade. I found out that her brother Mike, who was a year older than us, died as well. So we have something to share with one another. I hope we will be able to pic things back up as friends where we left off all those years ago! Other than that not much else going on. Which is probably why I haven't written too much. All right, here is the pics of the battle royal at work against the steelers! Ann did make rebuttle cupcakes! They were ugly and filled with sewege from the 2 of the 3 rives that flow into Pittsburgh!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Family Christmas Pics

Here are some pics from the holidays. I thought that I could pimp out some of my family by displaying some great pics of them! Starting from the bottom up! #1The Whittakers (Dave, Sue, Frank, Denise, me, Brian) #2My Grandpa and the great grandchildren (Mikey, Grandpa, Rachel, Nikya) #3 Tim, Martin (cousin from Ireland) Brian, Frank #4 my mom, Christy, Grandma, Nikya, me, Brian #5 Aunt Lorraine, Uncle Jerry, Grandma, Julie, Ryan, Tony and Amy,

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Poor Smoosh!

It looks like the dogs are taking turns needing a little extra love and care! Smoosh has a little infection pocket between his little doggie toes. He isn't allowed to lick it so he has to wear one of the funnel things! It is too funny! He is being pretty good about it considering he is the biggest baby on the planet! I thought you would like to see how cute he looks!:)