Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bucket List

I saw the movie "The Bucket List". When I told people this, they all said, "I heard it sucked." It was far from sucking! Maybe it wasn't quite the caliber movie you would think coming from Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. They are gods in the movie world. It was light hearted and moving. They did some amazing things on their Bucket list. I thought about my own. The "bucket list" is a list of things you want to do before you "kick the bucket." Well, Brian and I talked about it and we have done so much stuff from "our list" already. Probably more than a lot of people get to do in their lives.
I wanted to travel. And I have traveled! ANd Brian and I have more traveling we would like to do. In one year he and I went to Hawaii for our honeymoon, France and Italy for his Ironman and New Orleans for my 30th birthday. We went to Ireland together for almost a month. We were engaged in Toronto Canada. We went over half of the US I think.
I've had children and started a family like I wanted. I have a house I love! I have a great guy! Other than traveling and watching my children grow and see their milestones, I don't know what else to add to my bucket list. I've had such a hard life. After Missy passed,I felt like I should live my life to the fullest. I feel that with Brian I have been able to do that. With as many bad things that has happened in my life, I still feel that I can say I'm blessed. I have a great husband and children! I have good friends and family! I like my job, but I could always do something that I like even more. (I'm sure that everyone could) I have to admit that the best job I have is being a mom! I love my boys! They are the greatest! I guess part of me was afraid that I wouldn't take to being a parent as well. I have done so many things like I said and enjoyed them. I knew that things would be different. But I feel so much happiness and satisfaction at watching them grow and learn. Being a mom is just amazing! It beats anything else! I still love my other interests. Even though I've become a parent, I think it is important to stay the person you are and keep the things you love. But my kids will always come first.
Well, I"m off to bed! I have to get ready for the busy day I have with the boys tomorrow!

Thursday, June 05, 2008



So for the last few weeks I was hoping to get our stimulous check from good ol' W and the govt. It hasn't come. I was going to see my friend get married in North Carolina, but as time went on, I couldn't save the money because of the increased cost of everything... gas which is costing us $160 if not more a week. Then formula... 30.99 per 38oz container. They boys go through about 2-3 containers a week!! It is just some f-ing powder! Why does it cost so much?!! If woman couldn't feed babies breast milk back in the day, what did they give them? (I'm guessing they got a wet nurse, but is it there was something other than powered formula? I couldn't afford the trip and I feel terrible. I wanted to be there. I fully planned on it.. Then I started to realize that I really needed the stiumlous check, but haven't gotten that. I held out till last minute hoping that check would come. I can't believe how f-ed up this country has gotten. I think in many ways, we let the terrorist win because their act, lead to the "wrong war" which has ended up costing the U.S. trillions! I truly believe that we are in a recession, but the govt won't tell us that. It would cause a panic and more people would stop spending. I am scared that it is going to get worse and we will end up in a depression. How is anyone suppose to live this way? I make pretty good money and I'm finding it hard to keep up. I can't imagine what it is like for those who don't have good jobs or who have lost their jobs. I can't believe how fast gas has rose as well. Some news reports say that the U.S. has been getting cheap gas longer than it should have and it is keeping up with the price of inflation. Well I don't think that is true, but because people's income hasn't gone up with the price of inflation.. and I think they needed to ease this gas increase.. Maybe 2.50 for awhile. That is at least do-able. Leave it around there for a few years.. Then increase it to $3 for awhile. THen to $4. It went from 1.99-2.10 from 9/2005 around my wedding, to 3.95 in 5/08. Just totatlly crazy!!!!
I am so tired of reading the news. It just is terrible. People losing their jobs, their house! It is just terrible. No wonder why I've had anxiety issues! Someone said that people are just one accident, or one illess away from losing their homes.
I so pray that a decmocrat is better than what we have had. Regardless of what Clinton did in his personal life, the U.S. had great growth during that time.. And f-ing Jr. had to ruin that to hell for everyone and put all of us in a terrible situation!
I'm going to bed.. I may have to turn off the airconditioning because I may not be able to afford the energy bill!!