Saturday, September 29, 2007

Babies are trying to get out!

By now most of you know I'm pregnant with twin boys. It's not something I've talked about much on here. But I'm now on strict bedrest. Monday the 9/24 marked 10 years since my youngest sister died. It was also the day I had an ultrasound appointment. And it was also my 2 year anniversary! Anyway, I ended up being hospitalized because my cervix was shortened and I was in preterm labor. They admitted me to labor and delievery. That was scary enough because they were preparing in case the babies came out. I was only 29 and half weeks along at this point. They gave me magnesium sulfate to stop the contractions I was having. THAT IS THE WORST! I give it to my patients in low doses to replace electrolytes. They were giving me high doses and fast to stop the contractions. The bolus dose they gave me.. HOLY SHIT!!! I felt flushed.. my entire body was on fire. My mom was putting cold cloths on me and trying to keep me cool until the inital big dose was done. I felt lethargic. I think if I had ever really done some drugs it would've felt like the same thing. NOT A GOOD FEELING!!! After almost a full day on the drug, the contractions slowed and they took me off the magnesium and monitors and I went upstairs to rest for the next 2 days. I could only get up to go to the bathroom. Occassionally I would go out and walk to get water which they didn't want me to do. But it didn't seem too far and I wanted to stretch my legs. Now I'm at home on complete bedrest with babysitters! I'm not suppose to do anything but go to the bathroom. Not even cook or clean. (Finally:) Now I just have to try and find some more baby sitters for myself for the week!:)
I'm tired and going to go take a nap now! I have to rest and cook these guys just a little longer. They are already grounded when they come out for scarying me the way they did!
Sucks to start off life grounded right out of the womb! HAHAHA!