Friday, June 16, 2006


GO ITALY!!!! WORLD CUP ACTION BABY!!!!! Italy has the hottest soccer team and I'm not just talking about skills baby!!!! Totti and Nesta!!! SUPER HOT!!! And I am Italian! I have relatives in Italy! So I'm cheering for my heritage! (Go Poland too!!)


Brian and I watched the movie "The Lake House". In my personal opinion, I thought it was good. It made me laugh, cry, sad and happy. So whatever the movie critics say, screw them! I give it 2 chocolate covered, butter popcorn holding, thumbs up!
I saw the previews for "Pirates of the Carribean." MAN I CAN"T WAIT! It looks off the hook!!!!! There are so many good movies coming out. Just seeing the previews of all the new films got me excited. I should've been in movies! Or made them, or something! I just love them!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Lloyd Dobbler is my hero!

I watched "Say Anything" last night. I have been wanting to see it for a long time. We bought the DVD, so we watched it. It really brings backs ones memories of their first love. John Cusak is just amazing to begin with. He was beyond adorable in this movie. A little odd, mostly when he was nervous, but it was cute and understandable. The whole movie made me laugh and want to cry at times. I wish that my sister would find a Lloyd Dobbler of her own.
We were watching deleted scenes and they showed several different scenes of John Cusak holding up the infamous stereo. It was pretty funny watching some of the different takes. The different ways he held the radio. In one scene he even got his coat caught in his car door! There was one scene that I liked. He was sitting on his car with his radio playing next to him. I think that would've been effective. But I think him standing there with the radio showed more conviction. I was just a little disappointed that "Diane" didn't get her ass our of her bed to see what was going on. It was their song. Didn't she want to see him? I would've wanted to see him! (Then again, I LOVE John Cusak!) It would've been even more powerful if she saw him. She heard the music playing but they never show you if she knows it is him.
It was a really good movie and is up there with my favorites!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Funny thing

My sister called me tonight to tell me something funny. Nikya , my niece was a my flower girl at our wedding. I picked the cutest dresses. Well on the dress it had a strip of flowers. Now mind you Nikya is going to be 3 in July. She finds the flowers from the dress and said, "Hey, I wore this when Reese got married. I could marry Uncle Brian, but I'm not old enough yet! " My sister askes her to repeat what she just said and Nikya said, "I want to marry Uncle Brian, but I'm not old enough yet. I have to get bigger. " My sister laughed and then tried to explain to Nikya why she couldn't marry Uncle Brian. "Because he is married already to Aunt Reese." So I had to explain to Nikya that Uncle Brian was alreay married to me. And that is the only reason why he can't marrye her. She asked me, "Well, can I marry him when I'm bigger? " I tried to explain to her that he can't marry her, but he still loves her very much. She said, "O.k. Reese! I love uncle brian too!" She is so darn cute! The other day when she hurt her finger, she didn't want to talk to me. She wanted Uncle B. I told Brian about what Nikya said and I think that tore at his heart strings big time! I love her to pieces. We are thinking of doing some things with her this summer. Maybe take her camping. Maybe take her for a bike ride through the metro parks with her little Dora bike. Possibly even take her fishing. I use to think fishing was the best when I was little. I think she would also like the attention that Aunt Reese and Uncle B give her. She can test your nerves, but is so cute. It is hard to be mad at her. And she knows how to manipulate people so they aren't mad at her. She is so innocent. I wish she could stay that way forever! I can't wait till we have kids of our own!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

New Orleans

I was just watching a show called, "It Could Happen Tomorrow". The topic was about New Orleans and what could happen if a hurricane hit the city. It was done 4 months before Katrina hit.
Thinking about what happened to New Orleans breaks my heart. It is one of my favorite cities. It has such culture and such a feel to it. I was so sad when I saw the destruction on tv. New Orleans was like a good friend. I've been there 5-6 times since 1999. Brian lived there for 3 months during a co-op with BP near New Orleans. Brian lived about 10 mins from downtown New Orleans. I flew there to visit him 2 times during the time he was there. That was my first time in New Orleans in the summer of 1999. I had just found out that we won the settlement for my sisters death. So I went there with a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. When I arrived , I found Brian waiting for me with a beer in his hand. You are allowed to have open containers in public. They even have a place for drive through daiquiris. Brian bought me to the French Quarter right away. There is just no way to describe it. It had it's own flavor, it's own beat of a drum. I LOVED IT! We spent our time together at Pat O'Brien's at a little table in the courtyard,right near the water fountain . This fountain had a flame coming out of the top. And at that table was one of the most memorable kisses in my life! He gave me the most amazing kiss that night!! I was so happy to be with him again. I was relaxed and with the person I loved! There aren't many memorable kisses in life. Usually you remember your first kiss with someone, but not other kisses in your life together. And with Brian, I have several memorable kisses. I remember our first kiss and I remember one of our kisses when he was living in Texas. I hadn't seen him for 3 months. He took me to a war ship that was right in Corpus Christi. The U.S.S Lexington. There is a break wall that runs along side the ship. And at night the ship is all lit up with these blue lights. It is amazing to see at night! So basically we walked out on the tiny break wall on the ocean that was black, next to this ship that was all lit up and he kissed me! I remember our kiss on the day we got married. I remember our first kiss after we broke up for a few months. And this kiss was at the table in New Orleans! It was incredible! It just seemed to intensify my love for him. We went shopping. We got drunk! We got his mom drunk! I went back to see him one more time. Mostly to help him move back to Ohio, but in case it was our last time there, I wanted to have a few more memories of our time there together! We drove home from New Orleans together that trip. It was a drive that I greatly cherished. We had the best conversations during the 16-18 hour drive. It made us closer!
I went to New Orleans again during a time when Brian and I were broken up. It made me sad because I had so many memories of him there. And I was wishing he was there with me. I went to see 311 on 3-11 day. (march 11th 2002) I went with my sister and her boyfriend. And it was just an amazing time! We met all these 311 fans that were there for the big concert. It was just one big celebration! I won money at the casino. We drank at my favorite bar in the world, Pat O'Briens. I got drunk and exposed myself in the streets. I went dancing in a club that had an amazing live band, that sounded great. They played the best dance music. I ate beniges at Cafe Du Monde. We ate a little corner restaurant that had amazing food and nice people. The owner and waitress sat and had a conversation with us. We saw an amazing 4 hour concert by one of my all time favorite bands 311. (Brian's favorite band too! And 311 loves New Orleans as much as I do!) My sister, Joe and I had the best time for the most part. (they fought at one point, but it was really fun despite that!)
Brian and I went back to New Orleans in 2004 together. We stayed at a beach house in Florida for 3 days and decided that since we were only a few hours away from New Orleans, that we had to go back! It was just a nice relaxing time. It is were we took the pic with Eddie Gabriel. I told Brian that if I ever get married, I wanted to have my bachelorette party there. And in May 2005, I did just that. I got to see New Orleans again. This time with 3 people (Linda, Mary K and Christina) who never had been there and my sister!
We had a great time! I was back at Pat OBrien's. The sad thing was was that I explained to my friends the fear of what a hurricane could do to the city if it were to strike there. I was telling them as we flew into New Orleans over Lake Ponchatrane. I explained all that I knew about Lake Ponchatrane and the levees, the pumps, the storm surge. But I felt that it would never happen in my life time. We just celebrated. And I showed them around the city I loved. I didn't get to take them to the famous grave sites like I wanted to. We did see them in Meterie as we drove by them in the taxi. I didn't take them on a swamp tour like I had wanted. We spent time in the quarter looking at the art galleries and antique shops. And there are so many to look through. We ate delicious food! Some of us even had our fortunes read by the fortune tellers in the Voodoo shop. We took pictures in Jackson Square. We ate beniges and watched street performers! We gambled and shopped! We met people! We partied! I've been to Vegas and I feel that that city is nothing like New Orleans!
I was so devistated to see what was feared by many, including myself, actually happen to this great city! I watched the Ellen show last week and she was there a few weeks ago. And it looks like nothing is being done! It breaks my heart! I hope that I will see New Orleans restored and made better in my life time. That city has given me great memories that will always live in my heart! It is a special place to me and Brian. It is a place we bonded and have amazing memories!
Thanks New Orleans! You are still in my heart and I hope to return soon!

Pics of the week

So i have some pics that have been taken over the last few weeks while laid up at home. Some were taken at our football game which I sat out and just took pics. The others were at Brian's grandmothers birthday party. Then there are a few misc. ones. Ones of my little cousin Ryan and my pup pups