Saturday, December 08, 2007

Pictures of the boys from the NICU to home!

Here are some pictures of our boys Caden and Cole.. Getting them to sit still is a challenge. Then having them both look the same way at you! It's still fun though!

They are adjusting well to being home and gaining weight like crazy. They are both over 7lbs. What is crazy about them, is that though I know they aren't identical, everything happening to them is the same. They are identical in every other way. Now that they are gaining weight, they are starting to look slightly different. You may not tell it in these pictures, but they both have the same eyes. Caden is just lazy and chooses not to open them as brightly all the time. (Especially when we are taking pictures) But they have the same big eyes. Brian gets irritated when I tell them I think Caden's eyes will be blue. He says there is no way to tell right now. But they are turning a blue-grey color at this time. Cole's still has me confused becasue sometimes I think they are blue, but them I think they are hazel like mine. And I think they are going to have curly hair. Brian finally realized it today when he saw the wavy curls in the back of Cadens head. As their hair gets a little longer, it is starting to curl up and get fuzzy (or frizzy!:) ) just like mine! So he may finally agree with me there. The funny thing is if you see a picture of me up to 1 year old, I didn't have curly hair. It was kind of straight and as it got longer, it got curlier! So the same thing may happen for them. Brian was worried about them being bald some day, but since boys get the bald gene from their mother, they should be alright with my family genes. My dad and grandfathers all had their hair. They all have/had pretty great thick hair too. Cole is starting to look more like Brian. For awhile I thouhgt Caden did, but as they are gaining weight in their faces, you may start to see the difference. Caden is looking more like me now. They are just so incredible! I love them to pieces! I'm going to write more and post more pics in the weeks to come. I want to tell you all of our experience from my labor to the NICU to coming home!
I hope you enjoyed the pictures. I enjoy taking them. It finally makes me feel like we have something normal going after all those weeks of uncertainty. Nothing was normal for us and people I don't think really understood that. It's important for me to get to do normal things like send out pictures and stuff. I finally am really getting to enjoy being a mom the normal way..