Thursday, June 21, 2007

How boring am I lately?

I haven't written on my blog in some time. I guess that is what happens when you are tired all the time.:) We moved into our new house! I love it, but even after almost 2 months, we still aren't unpacked. I'm not sure if it is pure laziness, or we are just too busy with other stuff. In Brian's case, he is busy with other stuff. In my case, I'm so tired anymore that I when I get home from work, I just want to put my feet up and veg! I guess carrying 2 babies is a lot of work! :) In the last 2 weeks, my stomach has really popped out. I look pregnant alright. My asthma doctor told me that I look 6 months pregnant. I'm only 16 weeks. Then Shelly, my boss, reminds me that "You are carrying TWO!" I watched this program last night. I'm not sure what channel it was on, but it was called, "In the Womb- Mulitples" So it talked about how multiples develop. It goes through what they go through from conception all the way to birth. It shows how around 16 weeks the twins (triplets or quads) become aware of each other as they fight for space! It was so cool to watch! Hopefully July 13th I'll find out the sex of both. I just hope they aren't too shy to show us. Yes I hope for one of each, but I'll take whatever I get. Brian feels if we can't have one of each then he wants 2 girls first! I think he will treat them like little princesses! My mom's boyfriend hopes for 2 boys. He said he's had enough estrogen with my sisters, my mom, me and Nikya to last forever:) He said we need some testosterone in our family! I'll be happy with whatever I get!
Well, I'm going to try and be productive today. I think I may go to the grocery store! How exciting! (not really!) There is one thing I'm happy about! Our air conditioning is finally working! Well, I've got to go get ready! YEah I know it is 2:30pm on a Thrusday! I've had a lazy day today! I deserve it!