Thursday, January 22, 2009

What a year it has been! And we are only 22 days into it!

The start of the year has been non-stop craziness for me. First I would like to start off with congratulating Keith and Lexi on the New Years Eve marriage! It was a great time all around. They were married at Trinity Cathedral downtown and the reception was at the Terrece Club at "Progressive (Jacob's) Field" We bought in the new year.. and staying up till 2am made me realize how old I was. But earlier that day I woke up a bit dizzy and not feeling well. The next day, New Years (no I wasn't drinking either) I wasn't the only one feeling it. Poor lil' Caden looked miserable. He was stuffed up and later that night he was having a terrible time breathing. I knew something wasn't right earlier in the week. We had taken him to the ER because he vomited his bottle up like the exercist! He also had a fever and light rash. They said he had a cold and right ear infection. Gave him antibiotics. On New Years day he had a terrible rash all over his body. I was going to take him back to the ER but Brian made me wait. We got a first appointment into the doctors. By this time Caden's breathing was worse, he was wheezing and had a double ear infection. The doctor gave him a breathing treatment to see if it helped. If it didn't Caden was going to be admitted to the hospital. Luckily, he got better and I guess I can say, lucky I have asthma. I have a breathing machine at my house already. So the doctor ordered him every 4 hour breathing treatments. That night, Cole's breathing got worse as well. I started breathing treatments on him and took him in the next day. Same thing as Caden... ear infection and bronchiolitis. Which is caused by RSV. Something I tried to keep away them from in the last year. Thank God I had equipment at home to deal with this here. It saved us a trip to the hospital for both boys. I was pretty anal about their breathing treatments being every 4 hours. After a few days, they were both on the mend and breathing 100 times better. I, on the other hand, got very ill myself with the same illness. It lasted about 4 days. I missed a whole weekend of work, which I didn't want to do with my upcoming trip to Arizona.
Which leads me there. We took the boys on their first plane trip to Arizona. They took their first bus trip to the rental car place. They saw the Grand Canyon, went to Pinnacle Peak restaurant, the biggest steak house in the world. (It can hold 3000 people) They stayed in the first hotel and watched daddy coach in a marathon. We had a lot of fun with Chad and Tracy as well. We were there when the Cardinals beat the Eagels to get into the superbowl. THe warm weather felt so good. We left Cleveland and it was 1 degree. It was a bit freaky landing and taking off. I kept thinking that the plane was going to skid. But we are all good!

Then Tuesday after we got back, the 20th, Barak Obama became president. It was just the best. I kept the boys awake (from their nap time) to watch it even though they won't remember it at all. Chad and Tracy stayed over to watch it since they didn't have to be anywhere the next day. It was so inspiring to see. It made me want to cry. I did feel bad for President Bush. I may not like him, but I feel most the time that he was a scapegoat for men behind the scene pulling the strings. Almost like he was the dummy and they were the puppet masters. Poor guy.
I'll add pics of our trip and the wedding soon.