Friday, August 25, 2006


There have been some pretty great things that have happened in the last year. Like some of my friends getting married, going to Boston, France and Italy. All that has been wonderful and I can't complain. But the rest of the year... I think someone has it out for me! I spained my ankle and wrist this year. (I'll blame that on Linda) My aunt grandpa died... Angela died...I've been having a hard time getting pregnant.. and now.. I HURT MY KNEE AT THE ZOO. I took Nikya to the zoo and we were having a lot of fun. We were up on this deck looking at the zebra's. (I never realized just how beautiful they really are!) And I was walking down the steps and something popped in my left knee. The posterior side of it. It hurst to walk and bend it, though the bending is getting better. I went to the ER and it's not broken ( I DIDN"T FALL IDOITS!) There was no cyst that reputured, but now I have to go to specialist to make sure the cartilage isn't damaged. I think I pulled my upper calf muscle or tore it possibly near the knee area. I think that is what happened. Now I have to go to a specialist to get an MRI.. WHY COUDLN"T THEY DO IT IN THE ER??? I mean they had one right there!!! I went past it on my way to ultrasound!!!
What a frickin year!
Hopefully our anniversary and my birthday and our trip to Chicago to see family and Alessa's wedding and Rachel and J's wedding are good.. That is what we have going on in the next 2 months. We are suppose to start IVF soon. But we might hold it till later at the end of October beginning November.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Dave and Sue's wedding August 5th 2006

My brother in law, David got married 2 weeks ago.. Please welcome Sue to our family!:)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

I haven't written in awhile. I've been busy and maybe a little depressed too. THe busy part is that we had David and Sue's wedding on August 5th. It was a good day! Beautiful weather. And it wasn't as blistering hot as it has been this summer. I will post pics soon of the event!
Also we went to a baseball game. Jen, Brian's cousin, got us tickets to go!
Then we celebrated my mom's birthday. SHe is 56.. but she doesn't look it at all!
We have a lot coming up on our plates.. almost every weekend is planned for me till after December.
This weekend I work
Next weekend I work:)
Then Sept 3rd, my friends Jason and Rachel are getting married, (and I have to work one of the days)
Then Sept 10th, I'm going to PIttsburgh for Alessa wedding shower,
Then I have to work
Then Sept 23-24th is our 1st anniversary weekend! :)
Then I have to work!:(
Then Oct 6-8, Brian is taking me somewhere or is up to something for my upcoming 30th birthday.
Then I have to work!:(
Then Oct 21-22, we will go to Chicago to see some family
Then Oct 28th-29th, I will be going to Pittsburgh for Alessa's wedding.
Then I will work for 2 weeks in a row.
We are either going to go to Philly for Brian's marathon on Nov 18th-19th
Then Thanksgiving weekend I'll be working, but I will try to get off Thanksgiving itself to spend with my family coming from out of town.
Then Brian is either going to Canton for high school football playoffs, or we are going to have our annunal thanksgiving dinner. WE have to figure that out.
Then I work!
Then I'm going to spend Christmas the weekend of Dec 16th.
Then is will be christmas and Imay have to work. I'm not sure yet.
THen it will be New Years and Imay have to work, not sure yet.
Then the weekend after New years will be Brain's 30th birthday. Not sure what we are going to do yet, but I'll figure it out!
And somewhere during this time we are going to be doing IVF.

As much as I love having things to do.. I would rather have a weekend to ourselves. Our first weekend to ourselves in a long time happened the weekend my grandfather died. We stayed in that weekend and didn't do anything. Despite the reason, it was nice just to relax and veg!