Monday, September 29, 2008

Growing up

So it's 6am and I can't sleep. I've been up for about an hour now. I'm watching Behind the Music Live with New Kids on the Block that I DVR'd last night. It is showing them live from Boston, which is great because I will be seeing them this Friday. I'm looking to about where my seats are and I'm afraid I won't be able to see now.. We are 8 rows up from the side of the stage. I won't think they would pupt people where they can't see, but then again my sister and I paid the most for tickets ever to see Madonna in Detroit. We got there and found out we should've just got HBO for the year and it would've been cheaper than those shitty seats! We had to watch her from the screen because a black curtain blocked our view completely. We only saw about 1/10 of the stage. But then the Q is probably a bit different from the Garden and I think it will be fine.
In watching their history, it made me laugh. When I was a kid and in love with each one of them at a different time (Donnie and Jon were my favorites though, talk about totally different personalities) I remember having all these pre-teen romantic fantasies about them. Every girl has! Pre-teen girls have these crazy little idea in their head about what love is. And I know I can speak for me, but in my innocence, the most I dreamed of is being kissed by one of them. (especially Donnie or Jon) Now that I'm an adult (as many other fans are now) and with experience, you can look at them now and see things from a totally different view. I won't elaborate, but I know my married girlfriends can vouch for being able to fantasize about them in a whole different way, especially Donnie!:)(Not that I spend time doing that, but when I am watching them dance on stage I kind of can't help it) I just find it funny how in over 20 years as a fan, how my views have changed. I think as a pre-teen I spent all my time thinking of them. As an adult, I'm excited, but so many other things take up my time. Work, family. Now seeing them is a kind of vacation from my reality. (I love my life, but it is just a break from it) So then watching them makes me feel like a teenager again, but with adult views. How times change! I wonder who my kids are going to like. And I wonder if our next child is a little girl, who she is going to adore growing up.
I hear the babies stirring. I'm going to go!:)

Friday, September 26, 2008

1st hair cut for the buddies

our new look. Aren't we good lookin?



Caden getting his hair cut... both boys were soooo good

Aunt Christy cutting Coles hair

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Today was a great day.. It is our 3rd anniversary and also the 11th anniversary of when my sister passed away. We started our day out with a french toast breakfast. Then we went to the cemetery for a lunch and to spend time with "Missy". Perry Cemetery is really beautiful! Brian and I talked a bit about how someday we will be buried there next to my sister. Sad thought, but comforting knowing it will be a beautiful, peaceful place. Then we went over to Patterson where we met my sister Christy and my niece Nikya. We took pics in a pumpkin patch, went through a corn maze and picked apples. Afterward we went to Nikya's (and mine) favorite place, Olive Garden, for dinner. We returned home to take the boys for a walk in the cool cars that Grammy Dudich got for them. They love their cars and have such a blast!! It was a perfect day! And now I'm going to go to sleep next to my handsome husband of 3 years!:)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Being a mom

Brian and I were playing with the twins yesterday. It was nice little afternoon. Caden and Cole are getting so big so quickly. If they get any more cute, I'm going to have to quit my job and be home all the time. When I'm at work, I think about their cute faces all day. They are learning and changing so much everyday. I think it is so wonderful being a mom. Wish I would've done it even sooner! Cole is so smartand examine things carefully. Caden has such an adventurous spirit! They learn from each other and you can tell they love each other. THey laugh at each other, touch each other lovingly. They bully each other sometimes, just as all siblings do. It brings me a joy I could never have really understood before watching them grow. It makes me excited about our next child (or 2, who knows). I love having our family. I have a great husband and partner in Brian. He is a great dad! He cherishes the boys and being a father as much as I love being a mother. It's the best decision we ever made I think. I'm so thankful everyday to God for givng me those 2 wonderful gifts!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I'm watching a tv show on the History Channel called 102 Minutes That Changed America. It is video about the 102 minutes during 9/11 taken from regular cameras. People in their apartment. People on the street. News people in different parts of the city. Just the reaction of those people who witenessed it first hand and were able to capture it on tape. It is just amazing! It is bringing me back to that day when you could only imagine what New Yorkers were going through. You actually get to see it. I saw from one camera a fire truck going to the towers from Times Square. It made me wonder if any of those men died. It's like you are watching them go tho their deaths. It shows people jumping from the windows. You never really realize what a steady stream of jumpers their really were. I can only imagine how hot it was. If I had to choose, I may choose to jump instead of being burned alive. But what do you think about on your way down? Those 10 seconds, what flashes thorugh your head? Would I pray? Would I think about how I would never see my beautiful sons grow up? Would I pray to God to take me in his arms? I think about watching those planes go into the buildings. People who had loved ones on those planes, especially the second one, witnessed their loves one moment of death. I think about my sister. I was their when she died. But I never saw the actual cause of her death. But I play over in my head the moment that she died and the time I spent holding her hand. I couldn't imagine seeing my sisters accident or thinking that she burned alive. It kills me. I think of the heros that were lost. I'm seeing firefighters here and police about to go into the buildings and wonder if they had died. I wonder if this will be sold on DVD. I would like to own it. Only to show my kids and grandchildren some day. Amazing footage! I think that Pearl Harbor was like this for our Grandparents. But they never witnessed what really happened. Maybe they saw a few pictures and read about it in the newspaper. It never unfolded in front of their eyes unless they were actually there themselves. It was thousands of miles away. And most people didn't know for a day or two after it even happened. We had these tramatic pictures from the minute it started. Even security footage of the Pentagon crash! It's no wonder why so many people have anxiety now a days.
I won't forget 9/11 for as long as I live. I remember watching the 2nd plane crash into the 2nd building as I watched the 1st one smoking from the fire. I remember being in a nursing home for clinicals with my friend Cindy and my fellow nursing students watching it all. I remember how beautiful that day was because I thought to myself before I got to my clinicals, "What an amazingly beautiful day! Too bad I have to spend it here!" I saw a plane in the sky and wondered where those lucky people were going. I remembered seeing the second plane crash into the building and my heart inside screamed. We were send home because the school closed so we couldn't stay in clinicals. I went home and watched worried about my friend Ben who lived in NY at the time. I remember driving to be with Brian to watch the news that evening. There weren't any cars on the street really. Cleveland was a ghost town. I was so sad for the week to follow. Our hole country came to a halt! It was just such an experience. Brians cousins were suppose to be coming in from Ireland on the 12 or 13th I believe. They didn't come for over 2 weeks later. I would've never come if I were them considering what just happened.
I remember going to a 311 concert about 2 weeks later. I remember the lead singer talking a bit about 9-11. The whole crowd just started chanting U.S.A over and over for about 5 minutes. I started to cry a bit. That year for halloween I went as the statue of Liberty. I got a lot of compliments and people wanting to take their pic with me that year. It was touching how America bonded together. I don't think I eer felt more patriotic. I don't think anyone did. For once our country wasn't divided.
I'm going to go to bed now. I just wanted to let everyone that those who were lost and their families were in my prayers.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Sarah Palin- I just don't get it!

I don't understand the hype with Sarah Palin. If people really took at look at her, they would be horrified that she is the running mate of McCain. A man who could possibly not make it through 1 term of a Presidency due to his age and health.
Sure she is a great symbol of an American woman. Someone with a career and family. But the truth is is that I think the only people like her or are hyped about her is because she is a woman. If people really think about her experience instead of her being a woman, they would probably find a reason to panic if they are actually elected. I read an editorial in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. The author made a great point. Being Govenor of Alaska is like being the Mayor of Columbus. The population of Alaska is 670,000. Population of Columbus 747,700 people. This author also said that being the mayor of Wasilla is like being a mayor to Ravenna, except that Ravenna has 1400 more people. What experience would she have to run a country of 305,986,357 people? Ohio State University has more graduate students than the city she was mayor of! She has only been Govenor for a year and half. I think she needs more experience. Plain and simple. The only reason people are excited is because she is a woman. If a man with her experience was up for a VP nod, I think everyone would rip them apart. They would think it is some sort of joke! I am so nervous at the idea if they were to win, we may be simply screwed! Way worse off than even with Bush! And I think he totally f-ed up this country!
Stop jocking the fact she is a woman and think if she was a man, how would you really feel about her experience?