Sunday, April 13, 2008

Towpath Half Marathon

I have decided to "walk" the Towpath Half Marathon on Oct.12. That will be my 32nd birthday. I decided to try and raise money for the Make It Right Foundation. The Make It Right Foundation helps raise money to build houses in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans. That area was the hardest hit by the floods that followed Hurricane Katrina.
If you would like to donate go to
That will take you to a secure website to donate! Cole and Caden will be helping me in the my training this summer! Thanks so much everyone for your help!
Just to remind you, there are pictures of my last trip to New Orleans on October 2006 achrives. Heading would be under, "Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans?" :)
That trip was my 30th b-day present from Brian! I love that city and that was maybe my 6th time in New Orelans in 8 years!:)
Feel free to come cheer me on then. I will need it. And keep your fingers crossed for a great morning that day!


Guess which one is which!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

New Kids on the Block 1st pic together in 15 years

My prayers have been answered! The New Kids have released their 1st photo in the last 15 years. Could Donny be anymore hot? My husband is giving me a hard time about it. I think he loves seeing me re-live my life as a 10-13 year old girl! He is getting a kick out of it as much as I am. I just tell him I'm proud of liking the New Kids! Why deny the person I was? Besides, it got me to the point in being the person I am today!! You just aren't going to catch me at their concert wearing an airbrushed jean jacket. (Remember that Destiny?HAHA) I will be at any concert they perform at though!:)

Matt is the real father!

So Brian and Matt for awhile now have gone back and forth making funny pics of each other. Brian once turned our entire football team into a bunch of Matt's.

Matt decided to tell Brian the real news.. The our sons are really his....:) haha check out how much the boys look like Matt!