Thursday, October 18, 2007

Welcome our sons, Caden Noah and Cole Grady, to the world!

Since 10/2, I've been in the hosptial. I went into labor for a second time and had to be hospitalized. This time because of being in labor a 2nd time and an onset of mild pre-eclampsia (a.k.a. toxemia) my doctor said I would stay till I deliever. We decided that if my toxemia didn't get worse and I didn't go into labor, that we would deliever the boys at 36 weeks. My sister asked me, "What if they are born on Dad's birthday?" I told her that would be funny, but I don't want to have them born that early. I wanted them to stay in until 36 weeks. On Monday 10/15th I had an ultrasound that said my cervix was now only 17mm. (It was 23 mm when I went into labor the first time) On Tuesday 10/16, I noticed blood when I wiped. Right after that I called my dad and told him that I had a feeling that that boys would be born the next day. (Which was my dad's birthday) The 16th went alright for the rest of the day. Brian just got home from a meeting in Houston Texas. He came right to the hospital so we could be together to watch the Indians game. We were together watching the Indians game when I got this really weird pain on my right side. It felt like one of the boys was trying to stick his foot or fist into my appendix all the way through to my kidney! It just hurt. I couldn't get comfy! Brian was rubbing the area for me. ONce my nurse came in, I told her what was happening. (The indians were in the 5th inning beating the Red Sox) She hooked me up to the monitor and called the doctor on call. We found that I was in labor again but my cervix was still 17mm. I went downstairs again ! I knew this time that the docs weren't going to do anything to stop labor. My doctor told me once I hit 32 weeks, if it happened, she would let it happen. WEll I was 32 weeks and 5 days at this point. The next morning, my doctor came in and checked my cervix. According to the 2 residents that were caring for me, my cervix didn't change. (They were really gentle!) WHen she came in, she just shoved her hand there and went for the gold. It started a contraction and she said that was dilated 4cm at that point with the contraction. At this point she gave me a choice. The choice was, if the boys were in the correct position, did I want to progress with regular labor? I said I did. I knew that being pre-mature would work against the boys. Going the natural way would help their lungs a little bit by helping push any fluid in their lungs out through the birth canal. Then she would just let labor progress normally with me. But the ultrasound revealed that they weren't in a good postion to be born vagnially! NUTS! So it was to be a c-section and within the half hour, I was being prepped with an epidural/spinal (which I totally suggest! It gives you the best of both!) I was terrified and Brian couldn't be in the room while I was being prepped! I wanted to cry and I was scared. Not just for me, but for the boys. I felt a little overwhelmed. My nurse stayed with me. ANd thought I didn't know her well, she told me that she knows that if she was in my position, she would want me to stay with her. (She knew I was a nurse) So she held my shoulders and rubbed my arm while they placed the epidural. After they prepped me, Brian was allowed in. He looked so cute in his 3XL scrubs! They were so big my mom had to tape them on to him! SO FUNNY!!! Brian watched the whole thing. He even saw my uterus sitting on the outside of my abdomen! He was trying to tell me about it, but it just freaked me out. Who wants to know their husband can see their uterus literally! The boys were out within 20 minutes. Cole Grady Whittaker was out first weighing 5lbs and he was 18 and 1/4 inches. 1 minute later Caden Noah Whittaker was out. He was 4lbs and 8oz. He was also 18 inches. Brian got to hold them each for about 30 seconds then they were wisked away to the NICU with difficulties breathing. I couldn't hold them because I was in the middle of having them deliever the placenta! Once they were done I couldn't see them right away. I had to still recieve more magnesium because of my high blood pressures and toxemia. I had to take it for 12 hours. SO I couldn't see the boys for 12 hours. The boys were born on October 17th and they ended up sharing their Grandfathers birthday just like Aunt Christy said. At 1am on the 18th, I got to see my boys. I'm not sure what happened, but after a few minutes I got sick and threw up. I could've attributed it to not getting out of bed for 12-13 hours. The magnesium, medications of any kind. I was wondering also if it was my nerves of seeing them in the NICU. Who wants to see those babies in the NICU after trying for 3 weeks to stay in bed so they wouldn't come out and they wouldn't need to be there.
This morning I went and got really sick feeling. I"m not sure what that was about, but I just didn't feel well at all. I started to think it was my nerves. Now that I think I confronted this issues, I feel better. My stomach hurts as does my shoulder. I'm doing good though. My biggest concern is my sons! I"M A MOM!!! They are so cute. They have this dark hair. We have pictures, but the only ones available at this point are the ones Brian's mom took and they just really don't do the boys justice! They are fighters and I can't wait to get them home! I can't imagine loving someone so much. I mean I love Brian and I can't believe how blessed I am to have him and how much I love him. It amazes me to how much I love him! But not these 2 little guys that will depend on us. Iknow he loves them as much as I do! They are just precious! I'm going to go to bed. I have to pump to get something for the little guys in the NICU. I should be here a few more days I think. I'm so tired, I'm falling asleep writing this! GOOD NIGHT!!