Monday, November 28, 2005

My friends from work

My friends from work came to my
wedding and I just wanted to place a pic
of my hizzies on my blog!
Nicole, me, LInda, Christina

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Chad and Natalie Wedding pics

Pics: Group pic at the end of the night (Tracy, Chad, Anita, Chad K, Natalie, Sam, Keith, Me, Lexie, Brian) ; The boys before the ceremony getting ready; Chad, Keith and Sam up to no good ; Chad and Tracy; Sam and Anita after rehearsal; me and my hubby; Mr and Mrs. Kohler, Lexie and Keith; "The Wives/girlfriend Club" ; Mr and Mrs. Kohler's first dance.; Brian, Sam, Chad and Joey getting ready.

Thanksgiving Party 2005

Pics: Frank and Michelle with Betsy's daughter Sam, Group pic, Steve carving the rest of the turkey for me, Me- THE COOK!, Turkey Cupcakes brought by Bridget, Bridget with the pup pups! ,


I've been busy these last 2 weeks. Lots of things going on. Most importantly Harry Potters new movie came out! I give it 2 greasy popcorn/chocolate covered thumbs up! It was great! Our flag football fall season ended. I won't be able to play winterball because I may be working every weekend at the beginning of the year to get some extra money to pay some bills. I was so proud of my team and their hard work, the fights with refs, the mouthing off! It was great!
We had thanksgiving with our friends. I cooked and thankfully didn't kill anyone. In fact it was pretty good food. I do need a bigger oven. I can't wait to have our own house. (I want one of those in the wall double ovens! That would be great!!!
Then our friend Chad got married to Natalie. It was a beautiful ceremony. I"m going to post some pics here. It was good time all around. We are so happy for them. Natalie looked so beautiful! Everything was so nice! It was good being with our friends. I like seeing Brian in a tux too! He is just so handsome!

I got my Coldplay tickets for march 20th. I can't wait!!! Dave Matthews has his DVD from the Red Rocks coming out . I wasn't paying attention this year. I was hoping to see Dave play at the Red Rocks. It is one of my life goals and he spent an entire weekend there. I was so involved in the wedding at that time though I didn't know that. I will see them there though and it will be great! I have lots of life goals. Going to Italy, Greece, New Zeland, Austraila. Then other european countries, but those are the places I want to go first and most importantly. Brian has been asked to go to France to do an Ironman. I think he would do well. I would like to go though it isn't first on my list. But there is great history there and it would be great to see the old country.
Hopefully we can go next June. ANd hopefully there will be a little one on the way at the time! I can't wait to start a family!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

This is a pic of me on Halloween. I'm sitting out front our place waiting for trick o' treaters! :) Brian took the pic of me. Kootie is on the mend. His eye is still a little..icky, but it's getting better everyday..
I received more bad news. It seems never ending this month. My patient John who has been doing so wonderful the last 2 years relapsed. It breaks my heart! Brian and I were hoping to go out to see him in Colorado where he and his wife moved. We have always wanted to go to Colorado. It's just one of those times of the year. Usually November seems to be the time of year where patients get sick again or they pass on. But I feel that John and my other patient will pull through. I'm so optimistic about it. I have been trying to not get too close to my patients. But it hard because you spend almost every day with them for 6 weeks. ANd then they come back again for transplant and you may spend another 2 months with the patient everyday. Depending on how treatment goes..

I guess my dad also called my sister and told her my grandfather isn't doing so well. He has kidney cancer. He chose not to get treatment. He told me he was a lucky man and had a great life, great children and grandchildren. He has lived long enough. I often question if God is real. There people suffter. And it seems so bad. ( maybe it doesn't help the line of work I'm in.) I'm someone that has not been to church in awhile. And I have seen a lot of pain and suffering. So it is easy for me to question if God is real. But then it happened....

The other day I believe God answered me. Because he is the only one that could've protected me the way I was. I was at an intersection. The other side of the road had an arrow as it always does to go. Well we got the green light after the arrow on the other side turned off. I went and I was pretty close to the curb for what ever reason. A jeep on the other side of the road thought it would be o.k. if he went through the light after the arrows were gone. He was seriously 6 inches away from my driver side door before he stopped. He almost slammed into my side of the car. I pulled away and looked in the rear view mirror and saw the other cars behind me actually had to go around the jeep because he had been that far in my lane. I freaked out!! I could've been killed! But I wasn't . God had to have protected me. There was no way that that car could've missed me by merely inches. It was like a barrier was there that stopped it. But I'm safe. (not that I will forget that anytime soon) It had to be a miracle. So I will go on smiling still, knowing that God is out there still and things happen for His reason.

Friday, November 11, 2005


Kootie is doing great! His eye should be back to normal in no time! It should be almost 100% in another week. I don't want to go to work tonight. I want to go out with my friends. Brian will be down in the Ohio University area for a bachelor party this weekend. I hate working evenings on the weekend. I want to go out and have some fun! I've barely got to really spend time with my friends this year because I have been so busy with the wedding, then in Hawaii, working overtime to pay for the wedding and a weekend contract to pay for wedding. I just want to really play!!! But I won't complain. My wedding was great!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Poor little Kootie!

My poor little puppy Kootie. This weekend we noticed drainage around his left eye. So I took him in to the vet yesterday (monday). His eye was clouded over. He has an ulcer of the cornea. He is getting drops for his eye to prevent infection. I guess the ulcer could spead if he gets an infection. He is being so good about it. He has been sleeping a lot. Just not feeling well I guess. It breaks my heart, my poor little guy! Smoosh is being a good brother.
I'll let you know what the vet says on Thursday. He has to go back to get his eye checked to see if it is healing properly. Pugs are more at risk for damage to their eyes because of how they are shaped and positioned in the head. I love my little boys!

Sunday, November 06, 2005


I spent some time with Nikya as well on Saturday. She is such a brat sometimes, but I can alwasy catch her in a moment like this! She is the cutest little model!

LB, Steve and Destiny

BRian and I met Steve and LB (my friend from North Carolina who I was introduced by my best friend Michelle) for dinner where Destiny works at Bistro 70 in Painesville! It was some serious good food! Anyway, Destiny and Laura got to know each other at my rehearsal dinner and wedding day. They hit it off as did Steve and Laura. Laura came up to spend some time with Steve. ( I guess he is great or something! hahaha!) We had a great time! I haven't got to spend much time with Destiny and Steve over the last few years. SO it was great having time with them and Laura.
I'm hoping to back down to North Carolina to see Michelle, Laura and my friend Cindy soon! I love those girls!

Cara Mia Baby Shower

This is Cara Mia who has been friends with Brian all of his school years. She is having a baby boy !! I like this pic of her because it looks like she is ripping the crap out of the paper to get to the present. Look at how fast her arms are moving! She got a lot of great stuff! It is making me look forward to having our own baby!
I sat at a table with some girls that went to school with Brian also. I should've taken advantage of Brian's absence and ask them stories about him!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

More pics

I just wanted to put some more of our wedding pictures up. I went to the store today to buy some sympathy cards. I looked pretty sad buying 4 of them. I wish it was 4 different cards for 1 family, but that isn't the case. *sigh*
On another note, I just got done seeing the Harry Potter trailer. I can't wait to see it. It will be so amazing to see all I read bought to life. I wonder if I can still get tickets to see Gwen Stefani. *I'm going from one random thought to another * I have been pretty broke because of the wedding and honeymoon. SO I didn't get to get tickets. I want to go see Aerosmith too! I saw No Doubt almost 10 years ago. Damn that was a long time ago! Sometimes I can't believe that I"m already that old!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Hard week

I've had a pretty emotional week. I've been good about all that has happened. But it is some pretty depressing stuff. I had an earlier post this week where I mentioned a patient my age and his mom. He died that night. I found out when I came into work on Tuesday. It blows big time. Then I found out that a primary patient of mine who was pretty dependant on me and my co-worker Linda, died the same day. I didn't think it would happen so fast. Then I had a patient who's daughters I went to high school with. He died this past week. Then I found out that another primary patient of mine has relapsed. I tried hard not to shed a tear when talking to her on the phone. It was too hard not to though. I had to go into the conference room and take some deep breaths. She is 2 years younger than me. I went through her first treatment with her and she has been doing good for the last year. I was afraid if I started to cry that it would just keep coming. It seems like there is a point in every year that we get a lot of patients that we have all cared for die with in a short span of time. I think 2 years ago in one month we had 14 die. The patients weren't all in the hospital together. THey were taken care of at different times within a few years period. But it all bunches together. It's hard to be strong sometimes for these people, but I know it is more important for us to be there for them. I think we have a special group of people working on our floor. We deal with a lot of heartbreaking work. But it can be amazing when you see somene succeed. I have some patients that I have cared for that seem to be doing so well right now. They are healthy and living great lives! I'm so happy when I see them. It reminds me that there is still hope and maybe a chance for some sort of cure! I'm grateful for them. There is always hope no matter how bad things are.