Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Kids on Today

The New Kids on the Block were on the Today show on Friday the 16th. I was a big fan back when I was younger. Seeing them together on stage again was great. My friend Destiny and I are hoping that they come to Cleveland so we can see them again. Nothing better than reminicing back to your youth with your favorite band from back them.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The need...

I really need to get working out. I did some last week, but I need to make it a habit! I have 2 videos. One was good for me not having done anything realy physical for awhile, (other than lift babies and adults all day long) It was a good pace I guess you could say. Then the other video I have, "HOLY SHIT!" It was kicking my ass only 5 mins into it. It's called Turbo Jam. As I was doing it I thought to myself that there is no way that Brian could ever do this video. He has NO rhythm:) He isn't allowed to do it with me, because we have another one he tried with me before and I couldn't work out. I was too busy laughing at him. He is cute for the effort though.
We bought a new mini-van. Yup I took the soccer mom step! Crazy I know! But it works out great for us and the 2 babies! It is all black and PIMP! (At least as pimp as it can be for a mini van!I bought myself a new knee brace and joined a co-ed softball team this year. I need a bit of practice. I'm going to see if maybe this Thursday if I can get some time in after Brian is home to go up to the batting cages and practice a bit. I'm excited.
The boys are getting big, rolling over, eating great and weigh 16lbs now. They are doing great the doc said for being born early. It was my first Mother's Day today and I had to work! Lame I know. Brian bought the boys to see me for a bit. It was great! He also made me chocolate covered strawberries, cherries and grapes. It was delicious! He is a good "baker". He makes sweets better than me, but I think I "cook" better than him. We make a great team that way!
So the pics about are of Cole (skinnier face) Caden (round face) and both the boys doing some tummy time and playing under the activity center. They are looking and interacting with each other on purpose now:) Cole found out that he likes longs sleeves. When he needs to comfort himself, he will reach with his left hand, pull his sleeve over his right hand and just mouth on his sleeve. His arm goes way down in the sleeve. I thought he was a genius for figuring that out!
I'm excited. There are acutally 4 tours I want to go see, but so far only 2 I'm going to.. Ok actually 5... Dave Matthews I'm going to see, Coldplay I'm going to see. 311 I want to see, Maroon 5 and Counting Crows I want to see. And New Kids I'm going to see no matter what:) If that makes me a geek so be it. It will be great to think back to some great memories of me being a 13 year old girl!:)
I'll be going to Raleigh to see my friend Michelle get married in June. I'm excited to see her get married, but I'm more excited because I will be all by myself and have a hotel room all to myself. I will miss my husband and boys, but I will enjoy this time and get some much needed sleep:)
Happy Mother's Day to all!