Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I saw on Yahoo.com today that they finally have the full 2 minute trailer of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! The teaser trailer did nothing for me. I was so excited that for the last half hour I've watched it over and over! Yeah, that makes me a bit of a geek, but who cares!! I love the Harry Potter movies and books! It comes out on July 13th! I can't wait that long!! Another 2 months and 2 weeks! AUGH! You should go watch the trailer though.

In other news.. Brian and I close on our house this weekend and get to move in! I"m so excited to be getting out of this apartment living next to the SHIT queen and all!! (This lady does not pick up her 2 dogs crap and there about 80 piles out in front... even on her sidewalk, on the publid driveway, I've already complained 2 times which will just get me into another rant!)
Anyway, tomorrow we do the new owners walk through!!
Brian and I are going on a date tonight!! Dinner and a movie!! Hopefully I can catch the new Harry Potter trailer again!!!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Smoosh's 5th birthday!:)

Smoosh turned 5 in March! What a cute little guy!! Kootie is seen here looking out the window waiting for Daddy to get home!

Coming along! Our house!

Our house is coming along! Only about 2 more weeks and we get to move in!! YEAH!!!!


It was a really cold and snowy opening day for the Indians this year! The game was delayed due to white out conditions. Once it did start it was delayed 2 more times in the middle of play because one couldn't just see. We finally made it to the 4th inning after almost 2 hours. We were one stike away from getting the 3rd out and Mike Hargrove comes out complaining that his batter can't see and they called the game! It would've been an offical game it one more strike was thrown!! AUGH!! I felt ripped off a bit! I lost feeling in my toes and hands because a baseball player that I can see batting way out in outfield, who makes millions of dollars can't see the ball! I could see it and it wasn't being pitched to me!! At least I got to see Grady!! I think pretty much the whole opening weekend is going to be cancelled!! A lot of snow this weekend and really cold!!!! During one of the delays this guy runs out onto the field. He's being chased by the cops. He quickly lays down and makes a snow angel in outfield gets back up and tries to run some more. He is caught and arrested. Though I don't suggest anyone being stupid and doing this.. it did make the money I spent worth it just to see that idoit do that!!!!

Here are some fun pics!!