Sunday, February 24, 2008

New Pics



There is good news. Cole doesn't have scoliosis. I was scared. The ortho doc thinks that he likes to posture that way. He sits a lot in a bouncy, so we need to move him out more on to a blanket. He hates tummy time, as does his brother Caden. I feel relieved though.

I wanted to add pics that we took of them recently. They look a bit different. Caden more than Cole. They are just getting so cute. They talk and laugh. And they CRY:) It's rewarding getting to watch them change and grow!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Scoliosis- My momma said that my back is crooked like a question mark!

I noticed that Cole has a significant curve in his spine. I know that it is scoliosis. We will be taking him to the doctor next week so I'm not going to make an extra appointment for that. I read quite a bit about infant scoliosis today. I think his is significant enough that he may require bracing/casting to treat it. Most cases they just wait and observe. I think I may be able to deal with that, but it is becoming more and more noticable in the last week, so I really hope that we can start an early intervention. Because my boys were premature, I enrolled them in the Help Me Grow program. Tomorrow I have an appointment with the developmental specialist and will see what she recommends. They are all about early interventions so I think they will try and get me the help that I need. I don't have a lot of confidence in our pediatrician right now. I think depending on what he says about this situation will tell me if I should keep him as their doctor. I know that X-rays and an MRI should be done at least to see how bad the curve is.
I'm feeling a little heartbroken about all of this. You always want a perfect baby. Now I"m worried that he may not really make his milestones. That he will be further behind. A little scary if you ask me. I never realized I could worry so much. I may need that antianxiety med that my doctor offered me today at the docs office. (I've been having chest pains which I figured was anxiety. He just confirmed it for me!) I love these little guys more than anything. In seeing the curve I hope that it will fix itself. But if not, I know it will be a bit of a long road for the treatment of it. I'll pray and keep my fingers crossed that things will work out alright. I know there is so much they can do now. I'm just hoping that it doesn't require surgical intervention. Once we start something like that, that will be something he needs until he is out of high school. Not to mention be quite painful! My poor guy. Keep your figures crossed for my little Cole!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans , part 2?

I was watching Ellen today. She was doing a Mardi Gras special and talking about the lower 9th ward and the Make It Right Foundation. This foundation is raising money to build houses in the lower 9th ward. It was started by Brad Pitt and Ellen has picked up on it and is trying to help raise money as well.

As everyone knows I fell in love with New Orleans in 1998, the first time I was there. I have been back there quite a bit and only once since Hurricane Katrina. I had my bacholerette party there, I celebrated my 30th birthday there. I drove down for 3-11 day to see 311 in concert. I have been there a few other times as well. Not yet for Mardi Gras though, but that will be in the future. Last time I was there for my 30th birhtday in October of '06 (check my blog history for photos) I was sad at the things I saw. I told my husband as we sat once again at Pat O'Briens in the French Quarter, that I loved New Orleans. It is so familiar to me now and when we are there it feels like home. I love the atmosphere, the culture there. Even though you are in the US you feel like you are in another place, espeically in the French Quarter. It's important to keep those traditions. I remember for my bacholerette party , I took a few girls who have never been there. As we flew over Lake Ponchatrain, I told them about how 1 powerful hurricane could devistated the city. 3 months later, what I feared and told them about actually happened. My friends told me that they thought of me when they saw the news.

I think it is important to rebuild New Orleans. Please if you can donate to the Make It Right Foundation. You can also go to and order a t-shirt from her website for charity. I plan on donating money soon. (I've been on maternity leave and literally have $16 left to my name till my next paycheck) And I also plan on getting a t-shirt. Each house is estimated to be $150,000. So money needs to roll in! The shirt says, "MAKE IT RIGHT FOUNDATION" with the number 9 on it for the lower 9th ward! IT's pretty cool!