Monday, October 20, 2008

The Twinfants are 1!

The boys birthday was Friday Oct 17th. We had a party with the entire family on Saturday. We cooked and cleaned and got our house ready! We were busy and stressed. But the day turned out great! The boys got dressed in their costumes. The other kids came in theirs and they were so incredibly cute!!! The boys got nice gifts and there is no way we can thank everyone enough for the great gifts. The boys are using them as I write.
It has been a crazy year. It seems like a whirlwind. I mean last year I was so worried hoping they would survive. They were intubated at this time last year needing the help to breath. This year when people see them they tell me, "Wow, they are big for 1 year olds!" They are tall I think, but a little on the skinny side. Their 12 month old pants still slide down of them. When they crawl, it is sooo funny seeing their pants end up around their ankles and their little diaper butt in the air. I remember how tiny they were in my arms. I could hold them both with no problems. Now it is so difficult when they are both whining and trying to climb on me to be held. (which I'll admit, as difficult as it is, I like it. It warms my heart!) I feel so blessed. Thanks everyone!
Here are so picture.

Monday, October 13, 2008

An old friend

This Myspace and Facebook is an amazing thing. A few years ago when I got on Myspace, I thought it was great. I still do think it is a good thing. I got a message on Myspace from a girl that I was friends with in 6th grade. Her name is Susie. After 6th grade she moved to Bristol, CT. I lost touch with her. She found me on Myspace. She works for ESPN. She is in town tonight for the Monday night Browns game. I got to see her for the first time since 6th grade. We caught up a bit. The 3 hours we were together last night went too fast and didn't seem long enough. I hope that maybe when we are in Boston we could get to see her. We will be going there quite often in our life so I'm sure there will be a time we can visit with her.
It was great catching up and reconnecting with someone who meant a lot fo me in my youth.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


So last night around 3:30 in the AM, I'm sound asleep. All of the sudden I hear very loudly, music playing from the Juno soundtrack. It is coming from the boys room. They have a radio and cd player in their room. We haven't played that CD in over a week. So I thought that maybe Brian heard them fussing and I didn't and turned on the CD. ( a little too loudly) He had fallen asleep watching a movie downstairs. So I go and see that he is sleeping and find that he never turned the radio on. The boys of course didn't because it is way too high even for me to reach. ANd they are too little to know how. I asked Brian if there was a remote that maybe the boys got a hold of in their crib and rolled on it. (They were sound asleep through all of it) . There isn't a remote. SO HOW THE HELL DID THE CD PLAYER COME ON BY ITSELF? My only theory is is that the last time we had it on, we may have pushed pause instead of turning it off. I'm thinking if it was on pause and not stopped that it might have finally come off of pause. Our DVR does that after maybe a half hour on pause. I was freaking out. Then I wondered if it was my friend Marcus who passed away. I was talking to Brian about how ithas already been 4 years now since he passed. He died shortly after we were engaged. I was telling him that in the boys room last night while we were getting the boys ready for bed. And we discussed the fact that the boys due date was Marcus's actual birthday. I think his spirit could've done it. He is someone that would think it is funny to scare me! And then I wondered if it was my sister. She would also think it is funny to scare me and maybe she wanted to peak in on her nephews and play them some soothing music. If it was any of them, I wish I could know. It freaks me out. Like I wonder, what if it was something evil? I don't think it would be. But maybe we need to get our house blessed. If anyone has any other options let me know.

Anyway, today is my birthday. My dad stopped by and bought me a cool present. Well, he didn't buy it, he made it. It is a wine rack. And an amazing one. I'll have to get a pic of it to show everyone. I think he should make and sell these. It is now hanging in my kitchen! It has 3 bottles of wine in it now! I think a lot of people are going to want one when they see it at the boys party next weekend. I can't wait for the party! It will be fun! Brian, of course got me the best present! The photo shoot of the boys!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Don't hate us because we're beautiful!

The boys will be 1 year old in 6 days! I'm so excited! I think about what I went through last year and where I was at this time. In the hospital, trying to keep our sons in my belly longer! They were like a medium rare at the time they were born. I was trying to get them to medium well at least, if not well done!:) They first tried to arrive to the world "rare", but I was able to "cook" them longer. (I think this is a good way to help describe it.)
I can't believe a year has gone by already. We went through so much and they have changed so much in one year. It's almost so easy to forget the beginning because they've changed so much. (Though I won't because the beginning was a rough one!)
They are little men now. So cute! They are getting their personalities. They know what they want.
For my birthday, Brian surprised me. He took the boys to get professional pics taken. He took me to go choose the ones I liked the best!
They were taken at Portraits Innovations.

Here they are!:)

Saturday, October 04, 2008


I just don't know what to say about the New Kids on the Block concert I attended last night. Basically it was amazing! I know all you haters are gonna talk crap because it is New Kids. For about 2 hours, I forgot about everything else in my life. Which would be the first time in almost 2 year. (while being pregnant and being a mom) I was with Destiny, Megan and Kerry. The minute they came out, I was instantly a 14 year old girl again. (I wish I still had that figure!) I wasn't a mom, I wasn't a wife, I wasn't a nurse. I was just a "girl" who was seeing her favorite band from her youth. (for the first time in 20 years I realized) They were so amazing and it felt like they hadn't been away for 15 years. It felt like it did the first time I seen them, but better. They were my first concert like many girls my age. I saw them at Blossom with my mom, my aunt, my sisters and cousin. It was wet. It rained the whole time. ANd we were so far in the back, we could barely make out the dots on stage. THis concert we were right next to the stage! We were probably 10-15 ft from anyone of them that came to our side of the stage. We were close enough to them to be able to tell that they all got better looking with age. I told my friends that the one thing I wish Brian would do better is dance. Seeing thesee 5 guys in their late 30's- early 40's dancing around like that made me wish that Brian would like to do that more. He hates dancing because he can't do it well. It was something that I loved to do and was pretty good at. I would go downtown a few nights a week just to go dancing. Not to drink or anything. I just wanted to dance. I would go for about 4 hours and just dance. That was basically my exersice. It's not really practical to do now the way I used to. I have to admit my feet are killing me. I haven't worn heels in a long time let alone dance in them. IT was more than worth it though. They started off with their new song "Single" which is my favorite song of the year. They ended it with Hangin Tough and sang a bunch of old favorites and new ones. I feel on a high right now. It was nice to be reminded of my youth.
Now I'm going to spend some time playing with my youths:) They are getting soo cute and starting to walk more this week with help.