Saturday, August 30, 2008

Please Pray!

I've been keeping a close eye on the news about Hurricane Gustav. Not that I ever wish a hurricane on any city, but I pray that New Orleans does not take a direct hit. I read somewhere that only 20% of the levees are at a level that is satisfactory for another hurricane. There are still 80% left to re-enforce. New Orleans is a city that I love to visit. It has always been a special place for me and Brian. Please pray for all those in the hurricane's way, but mostly that New Orleans doesn't take a direct hit!
God bless you all!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The boys are getting so big so fast! They took their first bath together in the big tub yesterday. They were so funny! I can't believe they will a year old soon. This year has gone by too fast!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

2 nightmares and my joy

I had a bad dream last night. Nothing that was gross or anything. I dreamt that Brian and I both had to go to work and couldn't find a baby sitter. But for some reason I still went to work with Cole in tow. Brian took Caden. I was trying to get completed by 11am and was going to see if my friend Tracy could take over the rest of my patients. But my patients were nightmares. They all had terrible issues that didn't have to do with their health! And one of my patients had a terrible black greasy mullet! I went to give my co-worker Tracy my patients, but she was in some meeting! Then I went to check on Cole and Caden were there. I was more stressed. My boss told me I could leave if I did something for her which required leaving the hosptial. I went out to my van and it was being towed. I talked to the towtruck guy and he said if I gave him $28.98 that he would leave my van. I told him I could get it if he waited a second, but he told me he couldn't wait and if I didn't have it, he was gone. So he left. I tried to get in a cab, but the cab driver threw out my purse and stuff. Some limo driver was laughing at me as I got kicked out of the car. I got so pissed I ran towards him and puunched him in the nuts as hard as I could. He stumbled into a bunch a bikes and one of his friends laughed at him. I called the guy a terrible name as a laid on the groung and kicked him, then left to go get Caden and Cole and to call Brian to come get us.
There were other things thtat made it bad, but that is the just of it. ! AUGH!

And to name another nightmare; the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is not going to come out now until July! WHat kind of crap is that? It was suppose to come out in November and I've been looking forward to it all year. Now I have to wait another year! WHat the hell!!!! All so they can make more money! Like they don't believe in what they made enough to begin with. Selfish bastasrds!
On a good note, the boys are becoming so much more adorable! I love those little guys and it make me sad at how fast they are growing. It's exciting to see them grow, but at the same time, it is going by too fast. I remember it like yesterday that I bought their little fragile bodies home from a month stay in the hosptials. I remember being a nervous wreck everynight that they would stop breathing and that is only because they did that a lot in the hospital when their monitors were on. I would have to give them a sternal rub to make them take a breath sometimes. I remember how holding them both in my arms was so easy because they were so tiny. Now holding them is a combined 40lbs extra! They don't like to take naps nearly as much as they use to. They are getting their own minds and very independant! They know what they want and now whine to get it. (like right now!) Gotta go, Caden wants out of his jumparoo to play on the ground.