Wednesday, July 30, 2008

OMG! It's here!!!

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince trailer is out! I'm so excited. It is just 1:40, but still gets me so excited. I feel like a little kid in a candy store!I have watched it a few times. Better than the piece of shit movie I'm watching now. (Lost Boys 2: The Tribe. This movie ruined the franchise! The first Lost Boys was much better! BTW, Keifer Sutherlands little bro is in the movie! So are Corey Haim and Feldman)
I'm so excited! I hope that the opening night keeps true. I'm going to want to see it. So I may have to request the next Saturday off of work. It will be so great to see this, but make me sad to realize there is only one movie left. (Actually 2 after that. They have to split up the last book into 2 movies.) I'm so glad I will be able to tell my kids all about Harry Potter and getting to experience it all when it first came out.

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Dark Knight

Brian, Linda, Liz and I went to see "The Dark Knight" last night. I was more than excited to see this film considering all the hype. And since I love movies, I couldn't wait! My review is that I loved it! It was great! I disagree with how some people have said that Christian Bale seemed like an extra in his own movie. That it was mostly about The Joker. This is not true! It was a deeper story than those of the Batman's made in the late 80's and through the 90's. Heath Ledger's performance was brilliant! I fully agree with that! He was amazing! THe thing about his performance compared to that of Jack Nicholson is that Heath made people truly believe it is possible for someone like him to exsist in this society and world today. It wasn't a comic book performance, but one of someone who is truly a mentally ill/ psychotic genius. He is dark and disturbed. Christian Bale was really good too. He made me believe in a real Batman. Everyone made it seem like a less comic book film. The only one thing I did not like about it is Twoface. I didn't by his story as well at the end. Maybe because I'm a nurse and know that there is no way that he could walk around with a burn like that and not have medical complications or be in such debilitating pain. But he was up walking around! Maybe it was just the make up or special effects to make his face the way it is.
When the movie ended, I felt a little teary-eyed. It was Heath Ledgers last completed film. I guess what made me more sad is that the way the movie ended, left the possiblity open for another movie with Heath and "the Joker". As I drove home I thought of the possibilites for another movie with him as the Joker. There was so much back story left open to show on the Joker. Granted I never read the comics, but I felt there could've been some history shown. It was established in the movie that he had no name, no record of prints before. It would've been great to see the backstory of him. Have Batman find out who he was, why he is like he is.

Friday, July 18, 2008

The boys are growing big and strong!

Here are the boys! Caden is about 20lbs now. Cole is just 18lbs. Caden is geting a reputation for getting into things he shouldn't. He is pretty independant and anything can entertain him. Cole who is getting over his little infection is becoming known for being a mama's boy! He is always wanting to be held and be cuddling! He also needs to be entertain. Caden is often trying to steal Cole's toy even though there are plenty of others around for him to play with. He always wants the one that Cole has. He can move really well and flip across the room like no one's business. He doesn't crawl yet, but gets to where he is going! I found him chewing on his swings electric cord and playing with all the DVR buttons. I yelled at him and said NO! He yelled right back then cried a bit of a pout! He loves to play and jump! He is the best jumper in the business. He loves to laugh! Cole likes to chew on things. He likes to look and exam things carefully. He has little circles on his mattress sheet that he stares at and tries to grab!:) He loves looking at people and examing their faces. He likes to touch everyone! He loves playing with his brother when his brother isn't taking his toys or grabbing his face too hard. He is great at sitting on his own. He is really getting his balance good! They get along really well. They have really started talking to each other and make each other laugh. THat is my all time favorite things to observe! They will look at each other and just talk and laugh, like they are the only 2 who understand each other!
The pictures above are from the last few weeks. See if you can guess who is who! One picture they took with their "Aunt LALA" Another with their cousin, Nikya and Ryan. And Cole is in a pic with his cousin Caitlin.
Tell me if you can guess who is who:)

Friday, July 11, 2008

1st fever

Cole is sick right now with an ear infection. My mom said he had a fever this morning, but didn't take it and just gave him Tylenol. I have a thermometer and told her if his temp is about 38.5 call me. He ended up being 38.9 (102) later that day after the Tylenol. So I told her to bring him to me at work. I left early and took him to the ER. By then is temp was 40 (104) . His entire body was flushed (it was all red in color). He looked miserable and cried a bit, but looked to ill to really even do that. They looked in his ears to see that his one ear drum had a lot of pus behind it. The docs said they were glad I bought him in because it has a lot of pus and could've burst his eardrum. (I'm glad too!) So now he has antibiotics and just doesn't want to be put down right now. I can't blame him. He was so precious and good for being sick. I'm so lucky! I just gave him tylenol and put him to bed. He was getting his fever back again by the time we got back from the ER. I'm glad I didn't listen to his dr. who told me that fevers are usually nothing. He may have had a blown eardrum by tomorrow if I had listen to him! My stepmom Cathy told me to always listen to a mothers instinct. Usually a mother's instinct is always right! Thank goodness I took that advice!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I saw this story on Newsnet 5. It is so funny! I could never do this because I'm a die hard Indians fan. They are my all time favorite all around team. (I love all Cleveland sports teams!)

Here is the news story:
CLEVELAND -- A Cleveland Indians fan is selling his loyalty to the highest bidder.

Alex Chatfield has been an Indians fan for years. However, the team is in the midst of a 10-game losing streak -- its longest in almost 30 years.

For $299, Chatfield is renting his enthusiasm for the remaining 2008 baseball season to anyone who feels an extra fan will put their team over the top.

He offers to watch the new team at least once a week, and wear that team's apparel, with e-mails and pictures to prove it. He is also offering what he calls premium services: Boston fans have to pay $3,500 extra and Yankees fans have to pay $10,000 more.

Chatfield also wants an additional $15,000 for any team that Jim Thome is playing for. He's still bitter about Thome leaving Cleveland.