Friday, July 11, 2008

1st fever

Cole is sick right now with an ear infection. My mom said he had a fever this morning, but didn't take it and just gave him Tylenol. I have a thermometer and told her if his temp is about 38.5 call me. He ended up being 38.9 (102) later that day after the Tylenol. So I told her to bring him to me at work. I left early and took him to the ER. By then is temp was 40 (104) . His entire body was flushed (it was all red in color). He looked miserable and cried a bit, but looked to ill to really even do that. They looked in his ears to see that his one ear drum had a lot of pus behind it. The docs said they were glad I bought him in because it has a lot of pus and could've burst his eardrum. (I'm glad too!) So now he has antibiotics and just doesn't want to be put down right now. I can't blame him. He was so precious and good for being sick. I'm so lucky! I just gave him tylenol and put him to bed. He was getting his fever back again by the time we got back from the ER. I'm glad I didn't listen to his dr. who told me that fevers are usually nothing. He may have had a blown eardrum by tomorrow if I had listen to him! My stepmom Cathy told me to always listen to a mothers instinct. Usually a mother's instinct is always right! Thank goodness I took that advice!!

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