Sunday, November 27, 2005


I've been busy these last 2 weeks. Lots of things going on. Most importantly Harry Potters new movie came out! I give it 2 greasy popcorn/chocolate covered thumbs up! It was great! Our flag football fall season ended. I won't be able to play winterball because I may be working every weekend at the beginning of the year to get some extra money to pay some bills. I was so proud of my team and their hard work, the fights with refs, the mouthing off! It was great!
We had thanksgiving with our friends. I cooked and thankfully didn't kill anyone. In fact it was pretty good food. I do need a bigger oven. I can't wait to have our own house. (I want one of those in the wall double ovens! That would be great!!!
Then our friend Chad got married to Natalie. It was a beautiful ceremony. I"m going to post some pics here. It was good time all around. We are so happy for them. Natalie looked so beautiful! Everything was so nice! It was good being with our friends. I like seeing Brian in a tux too! He is just so handsome!

I got my Coldplay tickets for march 20th. I can't wait!!! Dave Matthews has his DVD from the Red Rocks coming out . I wasn't paying attention this year. I was hoping to see Dave play at the Red Rocks. It is one of my life goals and he spent an entire weekend there. I was so involved in the wedding at that time though I didn't know that. I will see them there though and it will be great! I have lots of life goals. Going to Italy, Greece, New Zeland, Austraila. Then other european countries, but those are the places I want to go first and most importantly. Brian has been asked to go to France to do an Ironman. I think he would do well. I would like to go though it isn't first on my list. But there is great history there and it would be great to see the old country.
Hopefully we can go next June. ANd hopefully there will be a little one on the way at the time! I can't wait to start a family!

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