Wednesday, November 15, 2006

my knee

I had surgery on my knee finally. They took the hamstring tendon and used it to repair the ACL that was torn.. Also they had to "shave" down the medial menicus. The doctor poked holes in the menicus to get it to bleed. They said it clotted and that tissue would end up becoming a healed menicus. Kind of strange, but cool I guess.
I woke up and felt like shit! They did a femoral block but for some reason it was hurting. Really painful. My oxygen levels kept going down to the low 80's. Usually it's suppose to be in the upper 90's to 100. I started to throw up quite a bit. So I ended up staying. Which I'm glad that I was staying. I don't think I would've been very good at home. I'm posting some post-op pics. Kind of gross, but cool! Frank, my best friend, took some pics at the doctors office after the doc took off my dressings. Then he took me over to rehab... I did exercises and iced it. I liked the compression ice device. It felt great!

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E-Speed said...

holy ouch!