Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Long Time

With facebook being so easy to update, I haven't written here in a long time.
The boys are now 3 months shy from being 4. Cole is an endless story teller. Caden is a man of action and silliness. In about 2-3 months from now, we will be adding a new edition to our family. A little baby girl! :)

We have been so incredibly busy with everything going on in our lives. Mostly with the boys. They exhaust me. They are opinionated and stubborn. They have a great sense of humor and love to laugh and be silly. I love that about them. They are so active too! They are becoming baseball pros (working on hitting without a tee and catching and throwing) and are already as of last year, bike riding pros! We haven't spent a lot of time near water, but maybe over the winter we can work on becoming swimming pros. We have a YMCA right across the street.

We have traveled a bit more with them since I last posted. We have taken them to Boston to see Daddy run the Boston Marathon. We have taken them to Florida to Disney world. We are contemplating a trip to Vancouver/Seattle area maybe sometime next year. Not sure yet. It is a place I would love to see and I think they would love!

The boys are very excited about their little sister Payton, soon to be arrival. They hug and kiss my belly daily. They tell Payton they love her. I only hope they continue this when she arrives. :) Her name will be Payton Melissa Whittaker. Named for Walter Payton:) and my sister Melissa of course.

Hopefully I can post again soon after Payton is born. :) WIth lots of pictures!

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