Friday, April 07, 2006

Indians Opening Day!

I'm so excited! With spring comes one of my favorite times of year! BASEBALL SEASON! I have loved the Inidans ever since I was little and Joe Carter played for them. (he was my favorite player when I was little!) Then the torch was passed to Manny Ramirez when he played for the Inidans. ( I still love him now!) I know that was kind of a big jump, but I didn't get to go to many games and I was so busy with sports in school and my part time jobs that I didn't get enjoy baseball much between them.
Now my favorite Grady Sizemore. I loved him the minute he came to Cleveland. It doesn't hurt that he is incredibly good looking! I love his curly hair and dimples. And I loved him before any of the girls in Cleveland knew he exsisted. See most women will only give you the time of day if you are winners. And last year the Indians missed the playoffs by 1 game. They were having a great season and that was bringing people back to the Jake. ANd it started to bring back the girls. That is when they noticed Grady. Now there are Grady's ladies. *barf* It is just kind of annoying! These girls just decide to jump on a band wagon. I have always loved the Indians, win or lose. I was there when they were losing. Their last season at Municiple Stadium. 1993. They weren't much of winners that year. But I remember waiting around to get Albert Belle's and Carlos Bearga's autographs. (I still have them!)
I just wanted to share some pics from today! Yes they are all of Grady Sizemore. I have some of Travis Hafner and Ben Boussard. I haven't got those ready yet. But of course I LOVE Grady so there are pictures of him ready to be seen. Just a little side note.. my husband promised me that if the Inidans were to win a World Series while Grady is playing for them, then I can name our first son Grady! (I like his name too!) Lets see if that will happen!
Thanks for a wonderful game boys! It was an amazing time! I love Opening Day! It is a tradition that has spanned about 10 years with my friend Chad and I. And again we were there! I have a good feeling about this year!

This other pic is not a pic of Grady. It was a pic of Manny Ramirez. I think it is just the coolest pic. I took it from the bleachers. Which is my perminent seating! It was taken at the Jake when Boston played the Inidans last year. Manny is headed out to his old familiar spot that was his for so long! We miss you Manny, but we are very happy to have someone like Grady to take your place!

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