Saturday, February 04, 2006


I'm sitting at home today. Suppose to be at work, but around noon yesterday I started having back pain. Not sure from what since I hadn't really done anything to strain my back. But it is my left side, mid upper back, close to my spine. I tried to sleep last night, but my back was hurting so bad. So around 3 am I was in tears. I would fall asleep for a sec, then when I went to turn I would wake up screaming. After while, it was just hurting no matter what I was doing. Sitting, lying standing. It was killing me. I have had problems with my right upper back before. So I know well enough what to do. I was icing it, took some ibeprofen, took a muscle relaxer I have ususally to keep my right side loose. I even took some left over Xanax I had from my wedding. ( I was at a point of having anxiety attacks during that time, not to mention being on a plane scares me anymore thanks to 9/11. We were flying to Hawaii and on the plane for 9 hours straight) Anyway, nothing was dulling the pain. So to the ER I went. The meds they gave me somewhat lowered the intensity, but it still hurt to move much at all. I'm sitting here at home and watching movies. This sucks. I wish I knew what I did. I then thought that maybe the way I have been cracking my neck pulled something. But in all honesty it feels like there is pain right were the trapeze muscles connects to the rest of my back. ( I don't think I spelled that muscle group correctly:) ) I"m dying though, just sitting and not being able to move. I try to stretch it out, but jeez does it ever hurt. I'm not happy at all. I have to go to work tomorrow no matter what. So I have to rest up real good today and hope that all I do will help.
It is just unbelievable to me. I'm really upset by it and it a great deal of pain.

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E-Speed said...

uggh. I hope you feel better!