Sunday, October 30, 2005

Busy weeks to catch up on!

I have a lot of things that have happened since I got married. I can't really keep up! My friend Jim left to move to the Netherlands for his company. He will be gone a year as far as I know. I've known Jim since I was 15-16. Our history as friends came about because I dated one of his friends in high school. Jim and I always stayed cool despite everything. Jim and I also knew each other from youth group at a local church. We would play volleyball every Tuesday night on the beach in Fairport over the summer. Chad, who I have an equally long history with for the same reasons is still a close friend. I met both through the same ex boyfriend. That guy may not be in my life, but I kept 2 wonderful friends from that relationship!! So something good came of it! The 3 of us stayed close! I love these 2 like brothers! Me and Chad, saying good-bye to Jim! One last pic before he leaves!

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flockjcu said...

That sentiment is returned to you Girl!!! Thanks for your thoughts on the matter. That is kind of cool. I was peepin' your and Brian's websites earlier, and I was thinking, I know you both for a long time, through different channels, yes, but it is very comforting to have you both, Brian and you, as good friends/ family basically, for my life. We have plenty of old memories, and we will make new ones...
much luv
i like that pic!