Monday, October 24, 2005

My husband and I.

This is my husband Brian and I in front of Squire's Castle. It really isn't a castle. The property used to be owned by a man. The castle behind us was really just the front gate to the house that was going to be built. But the house never got built. The man's wife died and he never built the house. He then sold his land with the gate to the metroparks. It has become a park that I grew up going to all the time. I love that park! I had wanted to originally get married here, but they said it was a first come, first serve basis. We couldn't set up any chairs or anything. So we took pics here.

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E-Speed said...

SO CUTE! Brian gave me the link to your blog. If you turn on word verification you will stop getting all those spam comments.

I am crying because of your last post. :(

It is very good you and Brian have found each other. You are obviously very much in love and best friends.

I feel the same about David. It is a good thing :)