Monday, October 24, 2005

sitting at home, BORED

I will say it is funny being married. I don't feel so different as a person. Remember the movie with Will Ferrell in it. What is the name of it? I own it and have watched it a hundred times at least:) . Well anyway, he was recently married and they were at a couselor after she caught him running down the street naked. At the session he made a statement refering to getting married, he said, " I don't feel any different. I'm suppose to be this whole different guy, but I don't feel any different." That is kind of how I feel. Except it is different only because I have to get use to my new last name. I have to really get use to my choices having an effect on other peoples lives. I will probably feel different when I become a mother too.. I stare at my rings all the time thinking about what they mean and represent. It's a cool feeling but scary to realize that we don't live forever. So I hope I make the most of my life! I've known too much loss in my life of people l love, or watching those I care for lose someone they love. Whether it is a friend or an old boyfriend losing a parent or fiance, friends losing other friends, or patients losing their family members. The line of nursing I'm in, you develope bonds with patients. And they leave something behind in you. Something that will help make you a better person. It makes me appreciate life more and those I love and care for.

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