Sunday, October 30, 2005

Run in Columbus for Leukemia!

As you know I'm a cancer nurse on an adult floor. Leukemia is a terrible disease. LIke I said before maybe I will make a journal of a typical hospital admission and treatment for a patient. Right now I'm quite sad. A young man who is 2 years younger than me took a turn for the worst today. I have never heard of him complaining. He is down in the ICU tonight fighting real hard to stay alive. His mom came up to our floor today and I spent some time listening to her. She cried and I'm not sure why she apologized for crying to me. Out of anyone, I understand. And I think it was her time to break down a bit. I was willing to listen to her. After Missy died I realized that sometimes people just need to vent. I'm sure that she was hoping someone would tell her he would be o.k., but I couldn't tell her that. No one knows that. Only God does. I wanted to do something for her. Most of all, I wish I could take away her pain. I know how hard it is. The patient has fought now for 8 months to get rid of his leukemia and hasn't. He has gone through treatment after treatment. He wanted to keep trying and I can't blame him. He has his life in front of him. I wish I could've given his mom something to throw. Sometimes having something to throw or just yell is a great way to let out frustration. Her own mother just died this year as well while her son struggled to fight this cancer. I think that she understands that she may really lose her son. The worst case scenario may happen.
I have to be realistic and realize he may lose his battle. He has fought so hard and I admire him for his fight. He is a good kid and a talented musician.

My husband got involved in "Team In Training " for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. His little cousin Page was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia this past year. With her disease and her age, she has a good chance of being a survivor. Brian raised $1800 for the cause which was more than he expected. He did such a good job running and worked so hard for this. I'm proud of the people that are involved in this fund raising. We met some really good hearted people through this. He ran in the Columbus Marathon and in the process qualified for the Boston Marathon again. I'm so proud of him for taking up for such a great cause! He ran in honor of Page and in honor of my patients that are fighting so hard and those who lost the fight. Those who lost the fight fought good ones. Amazing ones. I'm proud to know all of my patients and Page. They are amazing people! Here is a pic of Brian at mile 10. He had 16.2 miles left! It is always great to see him run. And I"m grateful for the cause he is running for!

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