Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The BIGGEST freak in the country!

I was watching the news this morning and there I saw it... A group of cheerleaders, then you see the girl on top fall. First I want to know how they missed catching her at all. It looks like the dude was there to catch her but just decided not to. I have a feeling I may know why which I will get to in a moment.
So the girl is being taken off the court in a stretcher and she actually has a chip in her neck bones. And this dumb girl, who doesn't know what is really wrong with her yet, continues to cheer and do all the moves for her schools fight song on the stretcher!! All I (and my co-workers) could think of is that, THIS GIRL IS A FREAK!!! You see in one clip a person next to the stretcher trying to hold her hand down to keep it from moving. But this girl fights him because it is sooooo important to cheer! I'm sorry, the state of my back and neck are important and I'm sure that the emergency crew told her not to move. If she did have a break, any real big movements could've probably paralyzed her. But she just won't stop! She looked like she was border line crazy to be honest with you. And my co-workers I know feel the same way. Then this girl gets about 10 mins. on the today show for what she did! This upset me! The freak was just moving her arms trying to continue to cheer even though she broke her neck. She even went on the today show with her cheerleading uniform on. (again weird!) But they actually give her 10 mins of tv time thinking what she did is so amazing. I told my co-workers that I can't believe they are showing this freak on tv and praising her for her strength!!! I said, "None of us get TV time and we do amazing things every day! Our patients fight amazing battles every day! And that freak is getting airtime because she kept trying to cheer as she left the floor! "
Then I thought to myself, there is a reason that her "cheermates" didn't break her fall! They all think she is crazy too! She is probably a fanatic crazy cheerleader. One that probably wears her uniform all the time! And I bet after men saw what a freak she was that she will never get laid ever again! It is one thing to let people know you are o.k., but she seemed to be taking it overboard! Almost an obsessive freak! She is the girl you fear most your daughter will become! I fear my daughter will become this! Not over my dead body! Real sports is what she will be into! As you watch the video further on, you see shots of her "cheermates" . They are just the cheesiest group of gals and guys ever! Clapping with their pom-poms and waving them in the air with fake tears streaming down their faces.
For some reason I preceive this girl as someone who 's whole life is cheerleading and without it, she would be nothing. I can see her being bulemic and just being a head case. You don't see any football players being carried off the field still trying to strike a pose after a play ended. COME ON!!!! They know how it is important if they are injured to remain still. They know that nothing is worth making a possible bad situation worse! This girl just irritated me. What about truly great people! People who are fighitng cancer.. not just the doctors and nurses taking care of the patients, but the patients themselves. I would like to see a story about their fight. Or even about the new show "Miracle Workers" that is on. They are trying to take people and give them a medical chance at a normal life! They helped a blind man to see and a woman who couldn't walk without pain in her back, walk again! I want to see more things like that. Not some dumb girl who gets on the news because she kept trying to lead a cheer as she was being taken by a stretcher off the floor due to a possible broken neck! What about people who are doing Ironmans or running marathons after maybe getting through a hard time. I saw a video about a man with ALS (Lou Gerhigs Disease) run and Ironman. If you know anything about the disease, you would think it is a truly great feet! But this stupid bitch didn't do anything special! She couldn't even do the cheer right in the first place! Alright, I'm done venting!

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