Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Testing today

Today was another day of test at the doctors office. Brian came with me because he had to get some blood drawn. And I was getting a test done that, as I was told, painful. It is called HSG or a hysterosalpingogram.
I'll stick with the HSG. What this test does is takes x-rays of my uterus after they inject dye into my uterus. They do this to see if my uterus is miss shaped and if my tubes are blocked! This by no means was comfortable at all. What they do is they have you lie on the table with your legs in the same position they would be if you were getting a pap smear done. They clean you with betadine and then slip in a speculum. (For any guys reading this, those don't feel good to begin with.) Then he got this long device. I'm not sure what it was called, but it was maybe 20 inches long or so. (could be a little less, but it was long) It was silver and one end had a hole to place a syringe in, the other end had kind of like a hook. And my doctor told me to cough just before he placed it and when he did, holy shit, did it hurt! It was cramping! (that's what they call it! I call it, "It feels like my cervix is being ripped out!) Brian said he saw the doctor let it go and it was basically hanging there from the hook. He said that was a little disturbing to him when he realized that instrament was hooked into my cervix somehow. Well, then they move you under the x-ray machine and inject the dye. ANd that made it feel like my uterus and everything else was going to come out! Brian said he could see my face and it looked like I was in pain. I think I'm pretty tolerable of pain. I've had pain in my abdominal area from cysts and stuff for years. But this was quite different and it hurt really bad! But I was able to tolerate it! On the screen above you could see the dye go into my uterus. It is really cool to be able to see what is going on inside you on a tv screen. The doctors are very willing to share our information with us. They probably realize how curious us patients are. Well, anyway, then the dye was going through the tubes and out into my tummy area around my ovaries. Which means, it is all good!! I don't have blocked tubes! And he said it was a perfect shaped and sized uterus and good tubes. (that sounds weird to be excited about I know!) I was so relieved. It was good news for us today, so far. I have a few more tests to do. Quite a few more blood tests and an ultrasound is going to be done. Then we meet with our doctor to discuss the results. I'm taking clomid right now as part of a test. I told Brian that maybe we should take advantange and see if we can get pregnant this month hoping it would happen and result in twins because of the medication. (The medication induces ovulation) :) hahaha! That would be cool!! 2 babies!

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E-Speed said...

Ouch. So glad you survived this! i hope Brian took you out for something yummy afterwards.

I had to have cryosurgery done so I know how disturbing getting something other than the usual pap is. Yeah cramping my ass they called it that for my biopsies too.

it just seems so wrong to have that kind of pain in there uggh.

I am so excited for you though that the results were good! TWINS! That would be awesome!