Wednesday, March 29, 2006

It's spring again! Great news!

Today is such a beautiful day outside!! And since it is, I got inspired. Well, I was inspired about a week ago. I'm reading the autobiography of Johnny Cash. In his book, he describes these beautiful gardens he has on his estate. One in which his wife and he planted themselves. Then Brian bought me flowers for our 6 month anniversary of being married., which are super beautiful. ( Isn't he the sweetest guy ever!) I felt then need to go to Wal-Mart and look through their flowers. I wanted tulips, but I couldn't find any bulbs. I know that Brian likes tulips, so I was really hoping for them. But I did find bulbs for calla lilies. I love calla lilies. Especially ones that are red/orange. I had them in my bridal bouquet and my bridesmaids bouquet. I feel that I had the most beautiful wedding flowers thanks to a woman in California I found on the internet. She made my bouquets and they were just amazing in their color. Anyway, I got a pot. (that way if there is a frost, I could move the pot into the garage to protect them. It is Ohio. It could still snow at the end of May. ) I got some soil and planted the bulbs. They don't really give you that great of instrustions on how to plant these. Just 4 inches deep. PLace the bulp with the pointed side up. They are bulbs. I have no idea which was the pointed side. But I think I may have figured it out. Then cover and water throughly. The instructions say to put them 12 inches apart, so I might have screwed that up. But the pics of the flowers look so much closer together, so I'm taking the chance due to the pic on the front of the bulb package. And when I asked a woman at Wal-mart what would be a good size pot. She handed me this small one. I thought it would be bigger than that. I got a huge one and put all the bulbs in it. Then I found them! TULIPS!! They have their bulbs planted already. They have little sprouts. All i had to do was remove them from the generic pot into the ground. So I did. And then I surrounded the area and filled it in with the pot soil I had left over. I thought that would help it more than the crappy soil we have hear. I"m a little excited to see if I have a green thumb. If I am successful. I might get a few pots and get some peppers or something. It would be cheaper then paying $2.50 for 1 red pepper. And I love peppers. Red, green. With onions and hot sauce.. MMMMM. cajun chicken pasta.

Brian and I went to the fertility doctors today. We got good news all around. He thinks that I"m just not ovulating enough. So he is going to start me on clomid for my next cycle. Except he will reduce my dose. Last time on my left ovary, I had about 10 follicles. And on my right I had 1. He is going to reduce it because of my stomach discomfort and cysts I have right now. Also, he is worried about multiple pregnancies. He alright with twins. But the more babies, the more chance for problems. After the 12th day we will get an ultrasound after my cycle ends to check on my follicle development. On day 13 of my cycle, I will get a shot of the hormone that is produced when you are pregnant called HCG. This will stimulate and pretty much predict that I will ovulate 36 hours from the time I give myself the shot. Since I'm a nurse, giving the shot to myself won't be a big deal. I should make Brian do it. Just for fun! Guys aren't willing to do those things. I wonder how he would react. I guess it is pretty scary giving someone a shot. Especially if it is your first time. Anyway, after the shot, we are to do our "homework" This is our doctors humorous term for sex. We have 36 hours and the egg will release. We have other opitions. I could just take the clomid and not do any of the other things. The choice we decided on was to do the clomid and the HCG test and ultrasound. Only because we want more control than just taking the pills. If for some reason the option we pick doesn't work after a few cycles, our next option is to get Intrauterine insemination. Which they will take Brian's strongest sperm and place it inside of me at the very right time, to ensure that they meet and make a baby. We decided to wait for that and try the easiest but controlled way. It is cheaper too! The doc was happy with my glucose tolerance test. I told him that I was taking metformin, which he did know. But I told him I took it the night before the test. No one told me not to. Which I think he was a little upset with. I did ask the nurse about it, but she didn't know. She I continued to do what I was doing. He felt then this was good though. The metformin would very much change the test, but it seems to be working for me and keeping my blood sugar in a good range. So I could stay on it. Things are moving a long. Except this cyst hasn't gone away yet. And my stomach is still icky! But if I get a baby, who cares!
Well, Happy Spring everyone!

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