Saturday, March 18, 2006

St. Patrick's Day 2006- Cleveland

What a great time with GREAT friends! It was just what I needed after working so much and not getting out much! Thanks everyone for a great day! For breakfast! For picking me up when I fell! For lending me money when I lost my bank card. And thanks for helping me look for it too!!!! Thanks for joining me on my first RTA bus ride. Thanks for the laughs, the drinks, the dancing. It was fun!!! See you next year! (well, sooner than that, but same thing next year at this time!:)


mac1995 said...

I am JEALOUS!!! I spent my St. Patty's day in a theatre preparing for this past weekends show. I was so exhausted after tech Friday that I headed straight home, took a quick bath, and went to bed. No beer consumption for me :O(

flockjcu said...

teresa!! Good showing for the day of the Irish.
Glad to see the crew was out in effect for 06'.
Keep it going, Spring is on the way!

Chad said...

Yeeeeeeeeeeeah! What up, Flock? We threw down for you. What a day, though chilly, still cool with an intemperate crew. "And I'm going to be drunk til the next time I'm drunk..."